Roseroot Cottage Font Collection

Please meet Roseroot Cottage Script & Font Collection. Sweet, Romantic, Playful and a little bit quirky. Let's face it. When is real life Romance Perfect, anyways? Roseroot Cottage is a darling cursive script that mimics imperfect hand-lettering.


Multiple alternates for every lowercase character and any more on the common repetitive characters. For those of you who know me - always a ton of additional fun decorative characters. An alternate set of Uppercase.


Love Ampersands? Me too! An entire file just for you.


Every letter will flow with the automated (upper & lower) standard and discretionary ligatures with even more to add as you choose! Choose and alternate your own initial and terminal forms. Gorgeous discretionary ligatures that will definitely make your type stand out from the crowd.


Designers will have a blast with this collection that includes an equally charming coordinating hand drawn Sans and Serif Use the fun Typography Shapes, Lines, borders, arrows, and call-outs for your typography concepts.


Social Media Logos, too It's never been easier to add your social handle. I put them right in keys 1-0 (and Shift 1-0) of the Extras file.


11 Fonts ttf, otf, woff, woff2


Roseroot Cottage Script

  • Automated Standard and Discretionary Ligatures plus more of your choice
  • Tons of alternate lowercase initial and terminal characters
  • Alternate uppercase
  • Multi-lingual support, International and Special Punctuation

Roseroot Cottage Sans

Roseroot Cottage Sans Hollow

Roseroot Cottage Sans Hollow Fill

Roseroot Cottage Serif

Roseroot Cottage Serif Hollow

Roseroot Cottage Serif Hollow Fill

Roseroot Cottage Serif Dot

Roseroot Cottage Serif Dot Fill

  • All Sans and Serif include Automated Double Letter Upper and Lowercase Ligatures

  • Multi-lingual support, International and Special Punctuation

Roseroot Cottage Ampersands

  • There were so many ampersands in this collection I put them all in one file and added a bunch more!
  • PDF Guide

Roseroot Cottage Extras

  • Those "accent lines" we all love
  • Social media logos
  • Lines and Borders
  • Arrows, Shapes, Frames, Call-outs
  • PDF Guide


Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank You!


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