Peony Blooms Font Duo

Hello designers, Lettering lovers, & Font addicts! Please allow me to introduce Peony Blooms! A carefully crafted hand lettered font pair.

A charming combination of a stylish, bouncy script and a playful hand-written Sans. Use them best together, or even on their own. Either way - you get both fonts. This universal font will extend your font collection. Create cute and playful designs, or dress it up and create stylish and chic brands.

PUA encoded means you'll only have to install the one full script file to access all of the (1,000+) characters. Access characters via the glyps panel, character map, fontbook, or "insert symbol" command in Microsoft Word.




Peony Blooms Script

Peony Blooms Sans

Optional Left, Right and Alt Files

  • includes PDF Guide

12+ Lower-case styles

Alternate Upper-case

Standard Ligatures

Discretionary Ligatures

Multi-lingual Glyphs, International & Special Punctuation

International & Special Punctuation



Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank You!


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